About Laura

I was born wide open and as a result my awareness of reality is broad and deep allowing me to connect to the spiritual realms. I have one foot planted in physical reality and the other in a swirling and exquisite energetic existence which is unseen by most. It’s a non-ordinary reality where ego ceases to exist, unconditional love and acceptance reigns, and where disease, death and suffering are an illusion.

With over 20 years of experience and professional training in beautifully effective healing traditions, we address all parts of you. Energetic systems include meridians, elements, chakras, acupressure points and layers of the field. The physical systems; the muscles and bones, nerves, blood, hormones and viscera tell us the story of our energetic health and respond quickly to harmonizing vibration. Time and space are traversed and healing can occur in past lives, the child within, the higher self and the soul self, making treatment truly holistic.

It is an honor to be able to act as your intermediary between the parts of yourself and to guide you into the new you, in the direction in which you wish to change.