Group Healing Sessions

Group Healings are suspended for the remainder of 2021. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates on when sessions resume.

Group Healing

Guided Meditation with Energy Healing

I am so excited to open up the time and space for accessible and affordable holistic energy healing for our community.

When a group of people come together with the same healing intention, the energetic work done is magnified exponentially per person. 10 people increases the potency of the healing energy by 1000%.

We use all the holistic harmonizing frequencies we use in individual sessions: sacred geometry, infinite energy rays, Melchizedek wisdom, spirit guided energy body healing, shamanic healing and plant medicine. We will affect all levels of being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. And all levels of consciousness: conscious mind, subconscious, unconscious, and body cellular.

The group dynamic is addressed as well as your individual disharmony. The session includes a guided meditation and both hands-on and hands-off movement of energy. The potential results of group healing are infinite and magical. Join us and find out for yourself.



    at $45 for 50 minutes


    weekly appointments available 10am every other Tuesday and 5pm every other Thursday


    group healing magnifies the intensity of energetic shifting by 1000%


    of 10 or less with some hands-on energy work and some hands-off energy work


    contemplative, meditative, healing space

What is a Group Healing like?

Group Healing Testimonials

“What an incredible gift of a morning. We began by snuggling into the glorious Yogibo cushions. Laura then led us through what was essentially a guided meditation, bringing the different energies of the group into harmony and finding a beautifully-suitable, mutually-amenable path forward. We participants didn’t need to speak — not even for introductions — which can be a lovely relief when trying to avoid getting pulled into ego (for me, anyway!). By her usual magic, Laura tuned into the group’s Guidance and brought us just what we needed, each and all. For us, in that space and time, what we needed included calling in tobacco to detox from neurotoxins, bacteria, and heavy metals; activating kundalini energy and drawing it up through our chakras; releasing thought and heart patterning which no longer served us; and connecting up heart and throat chakras to allow more love-filled, aligned speech. What powerful practices to engage in community; I’m so grateful! Please try it, if you’re so called.” – Erin O.

“I have been a client of Laura’s for about 10 years, and I’m so happy to be enjoying the peaceful space she has created at Seacoast Healing. I attended my first group healing at the maloca in June, which was completely amazing. The effects of the work Laura does felt incredibly profound, along with the collective energy and intention in the room. If you’re wondering if you should try this experience, the answer is definitely, yes! You will be in a friendly, safe place surrounded by love, peace and divine healing.” -Deb Ward

“Energy work with Laura was a very different journey for me, initially, as I was so unfamiliar with this type of work. Work with Laura has opened up another realm of being present to myself, others, and this world we are engaged in. I couldn’t imagine more powerful work until the opportunity of a group healing became available. Through the beautiful, guided imagery from Laura with her powerful shamanic knowledge, the healing was felt as a powerful, emotional experience, not only for myself, but also for those I included in the imagery work. All of this in the setting of the maloca, with others engaged in their own healing journey. Laura is a true gift with her gentleness, beautiful spirit, and passion for our world as a healer.”-Carol Pivor