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Holistic Energy Healing Techniques

Human beings are a network of intricate energy fields that interface with the physical. When these energies are out of balance, the physical body experiences illness. Employing energy medicine to balance those fields produces health in a complete, holistic way.

Holistic healing means that the whole person is acknowledged, honored and treated – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Only when all aspects of the human being are addressed can real and permanent healing move us toward perfect health and unprecedented happiness.

To effectively catalyze change in the whole person, I move my mind into an alpha/theta brain wave state, open to unbiased intuition and connect with my inner wisdom and then to your inner wisdom. All healing is done with the intention of making changes that are for the highest good of everyone involved. Divine will, order and grace are called upon and real peace and unconditional love are the end results.

I hold an up to date state license and/or a certification for all modalities mentioned here.

Energy Healing

We are energetic beings, there’s no denying. We are complex and beautiful in our navigation and response to our reality, the traumas we experience, and our potential for healing. Using ancient and trusted energy healing systems we address the molecular level; the electric, magnetic, harmonic, and chemical components of the human body. Using techniques including The Melchizedek Method, Infinite Energy Rays, Holographic Healing, and Dousing we interface with these frequencies of the human being.

Melchizedek Method

In the Melchizedek lineage we use a lot of sacred geometry, the language of nature and the universe, to build the human energy field so it can achieve its highest spiritual potential. It is wildly effective in creating quick changes in the psyche, shifting anxiety, depression and issues of self-worth and self-esteem. It has been very effective in healing physical issues with an energetic cause. Most of these problems are un-healable by modern allopathic medicine and must be addressed on the etheric before the physical level can begin to heal. Another benefit of becoming balanced using these techniques is that people become strongly connected with their inner guidance and open up intuitively.

Infinite Energy Rays

Infinite energy rays are incredible and so simple. It is very much like Reiki. In fact, Reiki is one of the myriad healing rays available within this sea of vibrations. When infinite energy rays are called upon, we create the perfect individualized combination of frequencies for the healing of specific conditions. They are brilliant at removing pain, inflammation and area specific disease, injury, and dysfunction.

Holographic Healing

Working in the hologram, as in Holographic Healing, is like checking, correcting and perfecting the blue print of the body. And, because all information about the soul is stored in this blue print, long standing patterns of disfunction or disease are shifted. This includes generational, ancestral and past life experiences that are recorded on the blue print and may inform the physical body in a negative way. This technique works really well for people who say “I was born like this.”


Dousing has been around forever and has been used by many a profession. Used for healing, it’s very simple. We remove the frequencies that do not belong in the body that create disease and replace them with unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, peace, joy, bliss, beauty, and inner wisdom.

Craniosacral Therapy

I love Craniosacral Therapy. In my experience, CST is a profoundly effective and long-lasting physical body treatment for muscle injury and tension, as well as joint pain. It’s the nerves that tell the muscles to contract into knots in the first place. Treating the source of the pain makes for more efficient healing. For mental and emotional treatment, we access deep parts of the nervous system where trauma, memory, disease and dysfunction are stored and controlled. The nervous system informs the body how to act, how to think, how to move and how to feel.

It is through the spinal cord that the energetic bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) are integrated into the physical body. We can access and shift repetitive thought patterning and emotional triggers and reactions by addressing neural connections in the brain. Through the nervous system, miraculous healings can occur at light speed. Craniosacral Therapy is the best therapy that I have ever seen to achieve this.


In 2015, I met respected Shamanic Healer, Maestro Juan Flores at Mayantuyacu in Peru.  I studied plant medicine and shamanism with him for three and a half years and continue to draw inspiration from his teachings as well as the healing traditions of the Ashaninka Tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. In 2019, I was led by the plants to Don Enrique Lopez at Inkan Kena, where, in an extensive apprenticeship program, I received shamanic initiation in the medicine of the Shipibo tradition.

Typically, I visit the rainforest twice a year to learn the medicinal plants and shamanic techniques for healing, where I am isolated out in the Amazon jungle. It is from the spirits of the plants themselves that I learn the secrets of their healing abilities. The plant remedies I have experienced in the Amazon Rainforest are fast acting and spectacularly effective for emergencies, life-threatening illnesses, and chronic diseases.

As I am initiated deeper into this thousands of years old lineage, I bring more and more of what the jungle has to offer home to the seacoast of New Hampshire, including traditional ceremony, healing techniques and herbal remedies to detox organs and glands, assist in autoimmune disease, hormone balancing, chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue, asthma and allergies, self-worth and self-empowerment, stroke, ADD and ADHD, side effects from cancer treatment and heart and circulatory system dysfunction.

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