Renaquilla Healing Meditation

One week ago, I had one of those nights where I didn’t sleep at all. I was receiving downloads of energetics and getting information of how best to help humanity during this time of great stress.

Below is the meditation given to me by Renaquilla to share with you. It is a great way to help yourself move through this process quickly and easily and to take advantage of the new frequencies available to us for healing. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone who might want an empowering meditation tool at this time.

Learn more about Renaquilla below.

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What is Renaquilla?

Although often considered a tree, Renaquilla is actually a large vine that wraps itself around a host tree, eventually becoming inseparable and at one with its host. Renaquilla’s unique healing qualities deliver the same binding energy to join, bond, unite, and strengthen anything that’s broken:

  • on the physical level (bones, ligaments, tendons, hernias, and wounds)
  • on the emotional level (inciting love and happiness between family, friends and foes)
  • on the spiritual level (creating unity consciousness with fellow man and spirit)

Considered a female plant, the Shamans say that Renaquilla brings us back into harmony with the natural world and our relationship to life. Her powerful teachings help to resolve strife between couples and family members by unifying and connecting through forgiveness.

This powerful plant has the unique ability to reprogram our neural network — by coding our system with new improved cellular health — resulting in an expanded awareness and shift in consciousness. This is a great teacher for anyone doing hands-on healing work as it heightens your intuitive awareness of bone and connective tissue-related issues.

Learn more about how we will be working with this master plant teacher this spring: