Shamanic Plant Spirit Dietas

Shamanic Plant Spirit Dietas

Guided Spiritual Journeys with Plant Medicine

We are excited to expand upon this year’s successful introduction of plant medicine journeys.  Each journey is built around the tradition of ancient Peruvian shamanic dietas with master teacher plants of the Amazon Rainforest.

Each journey is a four-week long experience, which includes a month’s supply of plant medicine, group ceremonies, and daily healings as well as many supportive essentials to guide you through your individual experience.

These journeys are for those looking to spiritually connect, shift, expand, and transform.  All of the medicines we use have physical healing benefits, as well. We guide you through the process and connect you to the spirit of the plant, the Amazon Jungle, and the Shamanic spiritual realm.  These experiences can be amazingly transformational internally, in the way that you think, and externally, in the way life easily moves into alignment.

What is a dieta?

Dieta is the Spanish word for diet and in the shamanic tradition, simply means that we are inviting into our body the body and spirit of a plant. We drink this plant medicine twice a day. The process also allows us the opportunity to live more consciously and presently. We do this by limiting or eliminating external distractions, noise, or stimulants in order to be able to hear the deep wisdom the healing teacher plant wants to share. We might simplify our diet, forgoing salt, fat or sugar, or limit TV and recreational computer use. We might choose to avoid stressful situations or people and to create time for reflection and meditation. We become aware of the activities that drain us of our energy and those that enliven us. It becomes easier to live in the flow of our soul’s unique divine path and by the guidance of our inner knowing. In return for our dedication to cultivating our relationship with the plant, our inner ear becomes open to the teachings of the spirit of the plant and our life begins to heal.

Typically in South America, a dieta would be done in isolation in the middle of the jungle with only the sounds of the wind in the trees and the rush of the river, with only rice or plantains and fish to eat. Because of our culture, this level of sacrifice is nearly impossible. In order to do this here in America, the master teacher plants have given us an intricate energetic structure and process that is more compatible with our American lifestyle and that creates a similarly strong connection with nature intelligence. The compassionate spirits of the plants are eager to meet us where we are and support us in deep connection to nature and spiritual awakening.

We offer guidance with three different dieta options; one that is the bare basics for a successful journey, a less restrictive choice and another that is more restrictive for those looking to connect at the deepest level.  We provide suggested guidelines to inspire you to clean and clear all the distractions in your life that keep you from connecting to your true best self and connect you to the plant spirit wisdom that can lead you there.

Dieta Options

  • No pork
  • No alcohol, recreational drugs
  • No sex, including with self
  • No pork, no red meat (poultry, fish/seafood, and eggs allowed)
  • No alcohol, recreational drugs
  • No sex, including with self
  • Limit processed sugar (honey and maple syrup allowed)
  • Limit table salt (soy sauce allowed)
  • Limit caffeine
  • Limit media/social media exposure
  • Avoid aggressive or angry behavior
  • No pork, no red meat, no poultry (fish/seafood and eggs allowed)
  • No alcohol, recreational drugs
  • No sex, including with self
  • No processed sugar, or sweet food
  • No spicy food
  • No dairy or fatty foods
  • No added salt
  • No caffeine
  • Limit media/social media
  • Avoid aggressive or angry behavior
  • Limit social interaction

What Plant Medicine Will Be Offered?

  • Tobacco & Sacred Vine (Sept. 19 - Oct. 17, 2020)

    Working with these two master teacher plants is an advanced level dieta workshop and is only available to those who have completed a dieta with us before. Thus, we take the dieter into a deeper understanding of the shamanic dieta process to facilitate a next level relationship with these plants. It also requires three Saturdays at the Maloca, with two separate initiations and one closing ceremony.

    Wild tobacco from the Amazon, also called mapacho, was the first plant spirit to enter into an intimate relationship with the shamans of old. Without tobacco, we would not be able to commune with any of the wise and powerful healing beings from the plant kingdom. It is the bridge that brings you into relation with nature. It is the visible prayer that carries your intentions of healing to the ears of the spirits. It is the medicine that grounds, centers, and attunes the human nervous system with the subtle frequencies of the plants so that profound connection can be made.

    This dieta starts with two weeks of dedicated meditation with tobacco. When used ceremonially, the smoke is not inhaled into the lungs. It is only taken into the mouth and blown out with prayer and intention. In fact, it never even needs to be burned or smoked, but can be held in the palm of the hand while connecting to its spirit to complete a successful dieta.

    The sacred vine of the Amazon holds many profound teachings. It is the key that opens the door to the realm of nature, the plants, animals, and shamanic ancestor spirits that carry the wisdom and magic of this tradition. Once tobacco builds our bridge, the sacred vine opens the door and acts as our tour guide. We enter into the deepest of relationships with nature and with ourselves.

    A reservation link will be provided to those who have completed at least one dieta with Seacoast Healing as we get closer to this dieta.

What is the plant medicine like? Is it safe?

In Peru and South America, these plant remedies are referred to as medicina (medicine). Here in the U.S., we technically call these plants herbal remedies. All of the plants chosen for the dietas are extremely safe and have no side effects or concerns with pharmaceutical medication interactions. People with serious illnesses should not depend on Amazon plants to be the sole source of treatment. They can, however, provide invaluable support during western medical treatment. The greatest value is in connecting to the ancient wisdom of the plant spirit.

Remedies are made with dried, ground bark and/or leaves of trees. It is either boiled in water or steeped in alcohol to make a tincture. The taste is natural, herbal, earthy, not unpleasant, but sometimes pungent. People in the tribes of South America have taken these for hundreds of thousands of years.

What is The Journey?

Over four weeks, we will come together as a group for an opening and closing ceremony at the maloca, as well as a mid-journey group video conference call to answer questions, concerns, or help put meaning to anything that has been experienced thus far. In-between we will guide you through your individual journey by providing you with a comprehensive program delivered to you via email.

The journey includes:

Opening ceremony at the Maloca (attendance required):

  • Dieta Workshop (explaining the process, the dieta, and the intention).
  • Shamanic Group Ceremony to open the dieta and call in the spirit of the plant.
  • We will prepare and activate the plant medicine that you will take for four weeks.
  • We will listen to the plant’s icaro. An icaro is the healing prayer song, which activates the plant.
  • We will initiate you into the Plant Energy Matrix, which is the daily 20-minute simple meditation process you will use to connect with the spirit of the plant throughout this journey.
  • We will also provide a specific essential oil blend that you will use to deepen your connection to the Plant Energy Matrix throughout the journey.
  • This ceremony will be held on the first day of the dieta, Saturday from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Individual Journey:

  • You will drink the plant medicine twice per day and follow your intended diet.
  • You will do a daily 20-minute self-meditation to connect to the spirit of the plant through the Plant Energy Matrix using the provided essential oil blend and music.
  • You will receive regular weekly emails guiding you through the process of dieting the plant and supporting you in the energetic and physical shifts you may experience.  You will also receive suggestions on how to get the most out of your dieta.
  • You will receive three guided audio meditations, which build upon each other and propel you deeper into your healing process. These meditations will introduce and connect you with the plant, attune you to the spirit of the Amazon Jungle, and initiate you into the shamanic ancestral realm.

Daily Distance Energetic Healing :

  • After years of apprenticship and dedicated dietas in the jungle, we have been trained in the rituals needed to open participants’ energetic fields to properly receive this ancient and spiritual connection with the plant. In order to maintain the clarity of the connection with the plant, we straighten the channel between the plant and each participant every morning throughout the 4-week process. We also clear away any emotional trauma, negative emotions or patterns that are released by the dieta process.

Mid-Dieta Group Video Conference Call (1 hour):

  • We will answer questions and concerns from the group regarding the dieta process and meanings of energetic and physical changes. We will anonymously collect your questions before the call. So, don’t be afraid to ask anything!
  • If you cannot make it or prefer not to participate in the live conference call, a replay will be available to listen to at your convenience.
  • This call will take place on the 3rd Saturday of the dieta at 10:00am.

Closing ceremony at the Maloca (attendance required):

  • We will answer any questions or concerns about the process.
  • Shamanic group ceremony to officially close the dieta.
  • A blessing for the participants.
  • Energy healing meditation.
  • Dieta breaking ritual.
  • This ceremony will be held on the final day of the dieta, Saturday from 10:00am – 11:15am.

Upcoming Dieta Dates

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May 30 – June 27, 2020


More exciting plant experiences coming in 2021!

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The combination of Laura and Jenn’s organization, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness was a reassuring foundation for a month of big commitment and big discovery.

The guided meditations alone, were the most productive and beautiful I have experienced.  Absolutely amazing.  Within the four weeks, there was such a variety of rich experiences and valuable tools to foster this personal relationship with Bobinsana.  Challenging? Worth it? Yes and yes!…Laura and Jenn were, of course, generous and encouraging but, as expected, were also completely honest as L and J described, at the beginning of the month, “Bobinsana will crack your heart wide open, but to do this, she will first bring you back to revisit dusty corners of old wounds.“  Well, that was an understatement! Wow. Shifts took place with brand new understanding: some shifts were like whispers, and some shifts were big, impossible to ignore, and otherwise inexplicable (unexpected shifts within problematic relationships, for example.)

I need pages, to begin to describe the connections, insight, and confidence that this month has facilitated.  And an added bonus, as Laura and Jenn poured their energy into preparing the month with precision and care, they attracted a group of people full of integrity to walk through this process together.  This chaperoned introduction was much more than I had imagined, and an experience I will cherish.

Jungle Medicine on the Seacoast!”

– R.F.

I now have the ability to recognize the patterns of dysfunction in family dynamics and the workplace as though

I am looking at it from the outside rather than getting caught up in the storyline.

I am able to detach from it with understanding, compassion and an open heart.

I feel as though I float down the river of life now rather than paddle against the current.

I was one who thought I didn’t dream, or if I did, I did not remember my dreams.

I now dream vividly and I awaken with an understanding of the meaning of the dream upon awakening.  This is just plain cool!

I am still working on remembering after that initial wakening moment by reaching for my dream journal as fast as I can.

The gift that I am most grateful for is the energetic protective shield I feel I now have around me from negative energies. They do not penetrate me like they used to.”

– Kathy F.

I had a very difficult diet. Lots of physical pain and exhaustion. It was Bobinsana working hard on breaking very old patterns so that I may move forward with more freedom.

During the last few days of the diet and drinking Bobinsana tea, I found myself actually wanting to CONTINUE! Which made me smile and laugh because almost from the day it started I was looking forward to the pain going away! Sure enough, almost immediately I wasn’t in quite as much physical pain and found myself emerging with different outlooks on how to move forward emotionally.

I have a frequent dream that has regular people and a regular theme involved. During the dieta, towards the end of the month, I had a dream with these people but the theme had changed! For the first time ever, I was the one ‘holding the power’. THIS alone was worth the whole journey!

The support that Laura and Jen provided was beyond what I had expected. I had questions, others had questions and EVERYONE felt cared for, supported and encouraged!

I’m excited to do another dieta at some point!”

– S. Hamilton

I felt a shift in my relationship with Time and food from the onset.  Then there were the events over the month that in the past would of been triggers for angst and instead I was so much more able to observe the process and not get caught up in it.  By the end of the dieta it seems my whole relationship with plant life has changed and at this point that feels like a permanent shift.

Thank you Laura, Jenn and Ajo Sacha.

 – K.L.

But what transpired went beyond any expectations I may have had.  It opened up emotional areas I thought were resolved and long since left behind.  Once opening these troubling areas, it placed a loving balm on the wounds and I felt a healing take place toward the last few days of the diets.  I was so glad I did it and felt it was a major achievement, bringing me more presence in the world.

 – C.N.


The plants are your true teachers during a dieta. Everything you feel, think and experience while in dieta is intended by this sentient plant spirit. It is usually worth sitting back and letting the experience unfold without the input from another human. Every dieta is different and every dieter has different needs. This journey is unique to you. Therefore, you are encouraged to save all questions until the group conference call or set-up an individual session.

In the Shamanic tradition, as well as many other spiritual traditions, these are the 3  substances that affect a human being’s energy field strongly.

Pigs hold consciousness and intelligence that is quite high and evolved. When we consume the meat of a pig, it takes our bodies 3 days to overcome the consciousness of the pig. It’s sort of like when someone gets an organ transplant and starts craving things they never liked. The consciousness of the doner’s organ is integrating into the body. Same here.

Alcohol diffuses energy. Depending on how much we drink, it can make the energy field look like swiss cheese; not helpful on dieta.

Sex can either expand a field quickly and dramatically, overriding all other energetic input, like the plant being dieted. Or it can deplete a field if we don’t understand how to circulate the kundalini created by orgasm. This also collapses the energetic connection of a dieta.

We provide 3 options for eliminating stimulants. If you feel you cannot adhere to any of them. It is best you do not engage in the dieta at all. When you commit to building a relationship with the plant spirit, it is expected that you honor your part of the agreement by limiting your intake of the things listed above so you can connect with and integrate the wisdom the plant has to offer you.

The ceremonies that open and close the dieta are important aspects of the shamanic methodology. You must be present at both ceremonies for the dieta to be complete. If you have already attended the opening ceremony and an emergency comes up, it is possible to arrange a private closing ceremony with me for an additional cost.