Energy Healing Testimonials

“Experiencing Laura’s energy work/healing has been such an incredible gift to me. Her work is done in a very beautiful, safe and supportive way and she comes from such a pure place. Her gentle way has allowed me to feel safe, so I could fully immerse myself in healing -inside and out during our sessions. I initially went to Laura for what was diagnosed as an unexplained neck tremor. After visiting many specialists and with no diagnosis, I decided to approach my physical issues in a more energetic way. After 2 sessions of energy work with Laura my neck tremor was gone. Not only was I free of those symptoms, but we began to get to the energetic root of the problem. I now see Laura regularly for her wisdom, healing and guidance. She is a beacon of healing, hope and light to me and anyone she touches. In addition to the physical healings that I have experienced with Laura, she has helped me to heal my spirit. Laura has introduced me to a side of myself that I haven’t known in some time and has guided me into the direction of self-healing and spiritual discovery. She is a gifted healer and body worker.”  – Julie B.

“I have seen Laura for many years and consider her my primary health care system.  I have referred her my most difficult patients with confidence.  She is grounded in grace, wisdom, service and a fantastic sense of humor.  The sessions are both profound and quietly elegant.  Small physical discomforts dissolve on the table, answers to larger looming issues come to light.  After a ‘tune-up’ I feel energized and connected.  Sorted out.  The constant factor is that you will get exactly what your body needs.  Every time.”  – Catherine Markovsky

“I have struggled with severe anxiety and phobias for several years. After working with psychotherapists, as well as various natural health professionals (herbalists, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, and more), I feel so fortunate to have found Laura. I began craniosacral therapy with Laura a year ago, and the results have been astounding. This type of energy work has provided me with a sensation of relief I did not know was possible; I have broken into ingrained patterns of obsessive thought, and the work we do continues to bring me to a place of peace. Due to Laura’s immense knowledge and her infinite support, I am significantly healthier than I was a year ago, and I continue to see improvements. Laura is an intuitive and a healer; she delves into the deeper layers of a person, assesses what is going on within the body, and in turn, tailors her treatments to individual needs, working with each person to regain her own health. She is a living, breathing example of a person practicing what she was born to do.”  – G.T.

“I am lucky enough to have worked with Laura for a number of years now. She has brought me a more confident, grounded life. I have had many different types of healers work with me, but Laura truly works on a higher level than I could ever imagine existed. Her work is genuinely guided which allows for deeper changes to happen within us that allow us to leave the past in the past and move into a better space. In one word she is truly amazing.”  – Mark Crosser, D.C.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for a couple of years and have seen remarkable changes in my life with her work. She has also had positive, lasting impact on my children as well. Laura’s kind, gentle, compassionate nature allows her to work with high vibrational energies. Her unassuming nature allows her to be open to allow for deep, beneficial shifts. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with Laura. She has brought me greater insight and peace, deepened my own connection to the divine, and allowed me to release old energy holding me back from living my greatest life. Some of my deepest struggles have been able to be released through Laura’s work. Laura…thank you, thank you, thank you!”  – Kara

“I feel so fortunate to know Laura and to have the privilege of working with her on my healing journey. She has helped me through some times of great discomfort and has shared useful information and advice to help me move forward.  Her openness to Guidance brings in perfect information for what is needed in each healing session.  The energy flow I feel is sublime, and at the end of it all, I feel the shift with physical ease and relaxation and a lightening of the energetic body.”  – Elaine Hurley

“I have been an Energy Work client of Laura’s for years now. Her work is singular and powerful, her reach is broad-spectrum, her intuition and guidance spot-on. She is an amazing bridge between the physical and non-physical. She and her helpers dance with eloquence and grace while releasing density and what no longer serves our highest good from the body on all its many levels.”  – Lenaye Marston

“I love getting energy healing sessions from Laura. Her ability to shift old patterns and create new foundation for healing is fantastic. She has helped me clear unwanted energy so I can begin to heal physically and emotionally. Thank you Laura, you are an impeccable healer.”  – Joy S.

“Laura is a kind and gentle soul who always greets me with a smile. The space she has created for her work is comforting and peaceful. The energy work she does is truly transformational and exactly what I need in that moment. During the past several years that I have been a client of Laura’s, I am more at peace with myself and those around me. Through Laura’s energy work and guidance, I have transformed my life in so many wonderful ways. I feel I am in the presence of an enlightened being when I am with Laura. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone wishing to make a change in their life.”  – Doreen DiAntonio

“I have seen Laura for energy work over the past five years.  Each session is always attended to in a very personalized and compassionate manner.  The time I have spent working with and learning from Laura has been an amazing and beautiful opportunity for inner growth and awareness.  My energy sessions or encounters always seem to leave me with an awe inspiring sense of divine love and support. I am truly honored, to be a part of such inspiring work.”  – Donna Quinn Corriveau

“I have been seeing Laura for more than three years. As life unfolds in mysterious and challenging ways, as it does from time to time, our mind, body and spirit may need additional support. Not only does Laura relax my body, but she also supports and grows my mind and spirit, too. She and the energy work she does have been instrumental in changing the lens through which I see my life and have helped me come to a place of acceptance and peace. Laura is a mentor to me in my spiritual and energetic journey and an integral and pivotal part of my life support system. I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have Laura in my life! She’s pure delight!”  – Brenda Bouchard

“I have been receiving energy healing from Laura Grimsted on a regular basis over the past 4 years. She is an incredibly gifted Practitioner providing both deep healing and insight. I have worked with other healers but have continued to work with Laura because of her ability to help me advance energetically and spiritually. Laura has an amazing ability to be in alignment with exactly what is needed for each and every person who walks through her door. She meets people where they’re at and holds the space for them to heal and grow. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura and her work.”  – Kara Breese

“I have always been one who likes to change up my routine frequently, yet I have been going to Laura for over 10 years now which speaks volumes to Laura’s skills. The difference her work has made in my life is huge. I am much more balanced and healthy than I was before. My sleep is better. My attitude is better. And, I am over all more relaxed. So grateful to have found her.”  – Beau Esby

“Laura is amazing, nothing short of a miracle in my experience.  With her help I have completely transformed.  It is not only the bodywork, for me it is the energetic and spiritual work that brings in the growth I need.  After each session I am reminded of the big picture and of my purpose.  I can’t help but think to myself “where would I be had I not met Laura”!  If you are serious about personal and spiritual healing and growth, I cannot recommend someone more.”  – Vv

“Laura came into my life about 4 years ago, serendipitously as it usually happens, and I can honestly say that my spiritual growth has been exponential with her assistance. My life, personal & professional relationships, and day to day emotional state are more stable, open and loving than ever before. Her skill set, intuition and natural gift of channeling is superb – beyond that which I have experienced with other energy workers over the last 13 years.  She is blessed with a natural ability to connect with the Divine, helping her clients clear, ground and move energy that no longer serves them. Her approach is powerful but gentle and comforting. She provides a safe, supportive environment for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  I respect her, trust her and include her as an integral part of my support system in my life. I also happen to be a western medicine practitioner and feel that energy work is a crucial part, if not the foundation, of the healing process for all of us. If this website resonates with you – don’t hesitate to see Laura!! Go in open-minded and you will not be disappointed.”  – Kristin Boyt PA-C